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New Single "Hey (It's Something)" - OUT NOW!

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My goal is to keep life as exciting as possible. So, every week or so I will make a new blog post, which will be pinned here!


Hi all! It's been a minute, but I have a lot of exciting news to share with you all! For one, I am excited to say that my upcoming solo single "Hey (It's Something)" will be released on all music streaming and store sites FEBRUARY 24TH! Be sure to follow me on social media as well, for there will be a music video to go with it! I am beyond excited to get it out in the world, and hope you're all as excited as I am!

Be sure to take a look at the shows posted on the website! Some more have been added, and they're ones you don't want to miss! One of which is a rare performance by Wolf and the Crane, which is a funky soulful project I have the honor of drumming for with some of the most genuine and talented people in the Detroit music scene. I'll also be back at Korner Bar with Harlow TOMORROW NIGHT! We're performing with a lot of incredible acts including Avalon Black, which is a fantastic rock band emerging out of Flint, Michigan. If you're looking for something to do this weekend, come on out! I'd love to see you there. :)

There's something else happening this weekend that I am incredibly excited for as well...I'm heading back into the studio! What's even cooler is I'll be tracking drums back at Rustbelt Studios for an incredible rock group called Tripp 'N' Dixie. These guys don't fool around! I've been studying up on the tracks they want me to play on and they are phenomenal. I'm very honored they asked me to do session work for them, and can't wait to experience recording with them. For little updates on that and more studio surprises within this next month (yes, there's some other exciting things in the works as well ;)), follow me on Instagram and friend me on Facebook!

All in all, I'm keeping busy and there's a lot of cool and exciting things around the corner. Thank you all for being so supportive of my music and for checking out these blogs! Love you all. XO

Breaking Free, and Getting Serious 

For me, this upcoming year is about to be a busy one filled with new experiences and grand adventures. This is the year I get to focus all my time on moving up in the challenging music industry. There are a lot of exciting things to keep an eye and ear out for as well. For one, I have been working on a hard rock single at the incredible Rustbelt Studios in Royal Oak, MI. During the recording process, studio engineer Steve Lehane and drummer/producer Steve Stetson (Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas, Uncle Kracker) really helped me dig into the personality of the song and were really wonderful people to work with. All the instrumentation and vocal tracks were recorded by me, except for some outstanding guitar leads which were recorded by Sammy Boller (Citizen Zero). Getting to work with him was out of this world because I have been a huge fan of Citizen Zero for a very long time now. What's more is Steve Stetson was one of my first drum mentors, so working with him on the same level was an incredible experience. But what's even more exciting about this single release is that a music video will be released with it! In a way, this song is my way of starting 2018 with a bang, and I'm very grateful for the people who have helped me make this happen. The release date is still undecided, so stay tuned for that! I'm sure that will appear within one of the next couple of blog posts ;)


Want to catch a project I'm a part of live? Follow the schedule below, and feel free to contact me with any questions!